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More miscellaneous meanderings

Is it wrong to vote for Obama to keep Michelle? I like her. Too bad we can’t have an Obama/Obama ticket.

So, last week I sent out the Partial of Doom. One thing editors make very clear is their dislike of having to use the Jaws of Life to open submissions. I packaged the PoD in an easily opened manilla envelope and went off the post office. Apparently the clerk felt it was too easily opened because, while my attention was on the Short Kid, he wrapped that sucker in enough tape to wrap all of the Christmas presents for the Eastern seaboard this December. Way for somebody else to make my first impression, right?

They shouldn’t have let Biden mention putting Russia in its place and rebuilding Georgia. Dude. THEIR problem. We’ve got a terrifyingly large part of the US population who will be choosing between heat, food and medicine this winter and you want us to rebuild Georgia? We’ve got a family member who called from a foxhole in Afghanistan asking for prayers because he was being bombed and thousands of soldiers sent to their deaths in Iraq by that lying piece of…*deep breath*…anyway…you want us to pick a fight with Russia?

The Dems need to focus on us. We’re not voting for President of the World, kthxbai.

Okay, going to watch Obama speak now. Am I the only one who wants to put an apostrophe in there? O’Bama? Must be that drop of Irish blood.

One comment to “More miscellaneous meanderings”

  1. Annmarie
      · August 29th, 2008 at 9:47 am · Link

    He is a powerful speaker, yeah?

    Because I am as shallow as a saute pan, I need to say that the girls were dressed beautifully.

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