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Enjoy the long weekend!

While the computer isn’t exactly the work I do, it’s close enough that I’m shutting them down for the long weekend.

I hope everybody enjoys their last big summer hurrah! (Well, for us that’s Columbus Day because we get a four-day weekend and ATVing in the fall rocks, but that’s…whatever.)

See you Tuesday!… Read More »

More miscellaneous meanderings

Is it wrong to vote for Obama to keep Michelle? I like her. Too bad we can’t have an Obama/Obama ticket.

So, last week I sent out the Partial of Doom. One thing editors make very clear is their dislike of having to use the Jaws of Life to open submissions. I packaged the PoD in an easily opened manilla envelope and went off the post office. Apparently the clerk felt it was too easily opened because, while my attention … Read More »

An empty house

The kids are at school. The dog keeps trying to sniff them out and, when she can’t find them, casts decidedly accusing glances in my direction. I shudder to think what she fears I’ve done with them.

Now that the house is empty of all but furry domesticated creatures during the day, I’m going to try dictating into the recorder again, like Alison’s been doing. I’m still fairly uncomfortable with the method, which makes me speak slower, which inexplicably causes … Read More »

Now how will I dust under the furniture?

My MiniBella unfortunately had some matting issues due to my inexperience with Shih Tsu hair and her inexperience with sitting still for more than 1.2 seconds, so we had to start from scratch. She’s a little older and is calming down and I’ve learned patience with the comb (hello, I have boys), so hopefully this was a one time shot.

She’s a little embarrassed and didn’t want her picture taken, but even though she’s not fluffy right now, she’s still … Read More »

Random ruminations

The Assassination of Jesse James with Brad Pitt was horrible. Not as bad as No Country for Old Men, but a huge disappointment.

In the last month or so, I’ve seen three different characters’ homes described as a Craftsman. A what? Is that a house that Sears built? I assume it’s a style, like a New Englander or a Colonial, but I’ve never heard of a Craftsman. I wish I could remember the titles it was used in … Read More »

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