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Early-morning Wednesday wonderings

1. It is Wednesday, right?

2. Why can’t I find the most recent draft of DG3 and how long will I hyperventilate before I pass out?

3. Is it too late to switch the Obamas so Michelle’s running for President? I like her.

4. Pursuant to a discussion about yesterday’s post during which my husband asked me why an author should feel obligated to make it easier to buy her books used—are category authors more accepting of used book stores … Read More »

Dear Category Romance Authors

I have a humble request. Please, when listing your miniseries titles, list the book’s series number along with the release date and ISBN. It’s such a small thing, probably taking about 30 seconds to do, but it might save you from losing a reader to sheer frustration.

Here’s a pseudo-hypothetical example of how a reader who is new to your books can go from highly interested to hoping coffee shorts out your keyboard in no time…

Let’s say you … Read More »

T. G. I. Monday

Lightning recap: Thursday—feeling decidely peaked but head north anyway. Friday—inhale trail dust. Saturday—ride to breakfast, inhale more trail dust, then get drunk for the first time in years and sing karaoke for the first time ever. Sunday—bake in hot sun while husband rides with friends and realize I haven’t eaten since breakfast Saturday. Too hot to care. All in all, I’ve had better weekends.

I did, however, take this picture:

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Saved by the muse

Buenos Thursday! I have returned at last! For those who don’t know me, I’m Ezmerelda, a Guatemalan worry doll currently enslaved as Shannon’s muse.

Right now she is staggering around the neighborhood in her pajamas, walking her dog, and their matching crazy bedhead hairstyles are probably the talk of the entire town. Mini, who no doubt is named after my fabulous car, is wearing her new pink harness. You should have seen Shannon in PetSmart, ooohing and aaahing over

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Good morning, little black raincloud

I’m not a morning person, and people who say “Good morning, sunshine” are very lucky I treasure my caffeine too much to toss my coffee at them. My usual waking routine consists of glaring at my children, my pets, Good Morning America, and snarling something unintelligible at my husband when he tells me to have a good day.

But by 7:30 this morning I was fully engaged in performing intense brain surgery on a PS3 controller. Status: failed. The X … Read More »

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