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It's still Monday somewhere

Speaking of sabotaged navigational systems, I cleaned my bathroom already this morning. And the males in this house have seriously defective penile guidance systems. Aiming high is for the Air Force, dammit.

Last night the husband accidentally knocked over one of the foothills surrounding Mount TBR and, while trying to stack them, asked me why I don’t write for Silhouette Romantic Suspense. I told him my guys have been spoiled by Samhain—can you imagine Gallagher talking in PG-13? It took … Read More »

Yeah, I should blog



What’s on my mind?

*whacked-out, tone-deaf crickets*

The tall kid turns thirteen on Wednesday. Since I’m not nearly old enough to be the parent of a teenager, I’m not sure how exactly that’s going to work out.

Tried to grab a Harlequin Intrigue at the grocery store to take my mind off of that, but they all seemed to be amnesia stories and I don’t care for those. I don’t remember why. Bought a Desire instead, although I’m … Read More »

Older guys, little kids and BMB

I’m reading an older man/younger woman romance right now. You’d think, since my hubby is 17 years my senior, I’d enjoy them. I don’t. Why? They spend WAY too much time dwelling on the age difference. Having it as the primary conflict isn’t really believable for me, so I end up being disappointed nearly every time.

Conversation with short kid at Applebee’s last night:

Short kid: When I grow up I’m either going to be an actor and play James … Read More »

Writing update

How’s my writing schedule going?

Tuesday I read Prince Joe, Forever Blue and half of Frisco’s Kid.

Yesterday I finished Frisco’s Kid and read Everyday, Average Jones and Harvard’s Education.

Today I am already halfway through Hawken’s Heart (originally known as It Came Upon A Midnight Clear).

:noevil:… Read More »

That Twitter thing

I’m sitting here because I mowed/weedwhacked/hand-weeded/mulched for seven hours today and if I sit on the couch without a screen I’ll be asleep. But I toasted the brain cell so what’s a girl to do?

I signed up for that stupid Twitter thing.

Now I have no idea what to do with it.… Read More »

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