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LB&LI Workshop: When Only the Right Word Will Do—Part 2

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I find, for me, there are two writing zones: that fabulous zone where you’re in the story, channeling the characters and it’s all good, and then there’s a zone where you can put words on the page, but you’re more of an observer. Maybe the kids are fighting, your day job’s stressful, a loved one’s sick or your husband’s being an ass, but you’re just not able to get in your

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LB&LI Workshop: When Only the Right Word Will Do—Part 1

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I was going to compose a big old introductory paragraph to go here, but instead of talking about it, let’s just do it. First up: let’s play with a first-draft paragraph—the hero seeing the heroine for the first time, from his POV.

As the woman crossed the room, Gabe watched her over the top of his glass. She looked a little out of place, wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans, but he appreciated the way they

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LB&LI Workshop: When Only The Right Word Will Do—Intro

So you’ve finished your first draft. Hurrah! You’ve had your cookie, IM’d your IM buddies, and now you’re ready to get back to work. You’ve got plot holes to fill, story arcs to track, typos to fix, transitions to smooth and floating body parts to ground.

Editing’s a daunting task. There’s this whole big picture and you have to concentrate on so many elements it’s easy to overlook the basic element that can add humor, help you show instead of

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LB&LI prep day

I’ll be fairly quiet today and tomorrow as I finish putting together my workshop for PBW’s Left Behind & Loving It virtual workshops. I didn’t realize until last night that this coincides with a “going north” weekend, so I’ll have to run it Wed through Fri instead of more over the weekend.

Still doesn’t have a title, but it’s basically going to cover making the second draft less shitty than the first by punching up the word choices.

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DG3 Playlist

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it’s Saturday, we’re not going to play in the mud this weekend and I intend to hit DG3 hard. Gotta preserve the braincell.

Before I post DG3’s playlist, let me note this is for things like plotting, thinking about the story while washing dishes and whatnot. Setting the mood. When I’m actually writing I can’t have words because then I sing. When your mouth is singing one thing while your brain is trying to … Read More »

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