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Does anybody read for fun anymore?

Must all books be dissected and autopsied like fermaldahyde-drenched frogs on a waxboard? Should we be including a lesson plan or syllabus with every book?

Entertainment. Escapism. That’s what I want as a reader and that’s what I try to provide as a writer.

Maybe it’s just me, but not everything has to be taken so seriously it sucks the enjoyment out right like a giant spinal tap needle.… Read More »

How to win over readers via comment rants

1. When you post on a reader blog, be incoherent and forgo capitalization, punctuation and any mastery whatsoever of the English language. This reassures readers they will be so distracted while reading they won’t notice the plot holes your paperdoll characters fell into.

2. Strongly imply readers simply don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend your work. This will reassure them you are a Very Intelligent Author who must therefore write superior books.

3. If, by this point, the readers … Read More »

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