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Oh hai…I no has topic

Other than needing to cure my lolcat addiction lest people believe me illiterate and rethink buying my books.

Anyway, Monday’s RTB day for me…and I’m stumped. I think so many people are writing intelligent, informative pieces regarding romance on a daily basis that I feel…not intelligent and informative.


Ooh, pity party! BYOC!

So anyway, I’m very, very open to suggestions. :lol:Read More »

Do the earbud police drive black SUVs?

So yesterday I was listening to a workshop by Sharon Sala while waging yet another futile battle against weeds, albeit wearing a shirt that covered my shoulders this time. While I found some nice earbuds with a foam covering that helps them stay in my obviously defective, earbud-ejecting ears, they still fell out every few minutes, and it was too hot for my big headphones.

After a few cycles of 1) lose an earbud 2) take off gloves 3) reposition … Read More »

For Jo's auction

If you haven’t read about it already, you can go here to read about the auction for Jo Leigh, who has my deepest sympathies on the loss of her husband.

Here’s what I’m donating:

Set of signed print books, including GOING THE DISTANCE (an anthology with Jaci Burton and Ann Wesley Hardin), FOREVER AGAIN, TALONS (an anthology with Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, Sydney Somers, and Jaycee Clark), ADRENALINE (anthology containing first two Devlin Group books: 72 HOURS and

Read More »
Miscellaneous lightning round

I managed to get myself a whopper of a sunburn. I don’t normally wear tank tops, except to sleep in, but I decided to wear one to weed and mulch yesterday an area of the yard that I’ve not kept up on for several years. My shoulders… :gaah:

If you write dark paranormals or just like Disturbed, get thyself their new CD “Indestructible” which released several weeks ago. Dark, sexy, awesome and slightly twisted. Their first two CDs were good, … Read More »

The US Border Patrol & unpleasant lessons

A couple/few weekends ago (I think it might have been Memorial Day), we encountered a traffic disturbance heading north. At first we thought it was an accident, but then we got close enough to read the numerous vehicles—US Border Patrol. Huh. Never seen them before, but whatever. They were only stopping southbound traffic.

At the end of the weekend, heading southbound, we found they were still there, which was surprising but not too much of an issue because they weren’t … Read More »

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