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The #18 rocks the short kid's day

Some of you know my short kid is one of those rare and annoying creatures—a hardcore Kyle Busch fan.

This is race weekend and we’re the primary highway exit for NHMS, so there’s a certain part of town I wanted to avoid. Unfortunately, Walmart is in that part of town and I really, really needed batteries. (For my cordless mouse. I know what you were thinking.) After much internal drama, I decided to brave the traffic.

Guess who was hosting … Read More »

Upcoming inaugural workshop & a devious dog

As part of PBW’s Left Behind & Loving It virtual workshop series, I’ll be doing my very first workshop here on my blog at the end of next month.

Oh noes! Coherence…I’ll has to has it!

It doesn’t have a snazzy workshop title yet, but I’ll be talking about punching up word choices in the second draft to add humor, show instead of tell, strengthen voice, and deepen characterization in deep POV. I’ll have some examples of my own, … Read More »

Things I Wish Authors Would Stop Saying to Other Authors: Part 1

Don’t worry about grammar. That’s what editors are for.

1. Would you believe a lawyer who told you to go to your interview at the firm in your underwear because they’ll tell you the dress code after they hire you?

2. If an editor is holding one fresh, engaging story in each hand and one is clean and the other riddled with grammatical errors, which do you think she’ll buy?

You’re helping keep down ever other romance writer on the Read More »

Summer TV

Now that the Celtics ( :boogie: ) aren’t keeping us up until midnight every other night, we’ve started catching up on television. While I’m seriously missing Criminal Minds and NCIS, I’m enjoying the fluff.

Wipeout: Oh my freakin’ word—all four of us were laughing so hard for an entire hour I was afraid there’d be nobody to call 911 when we all passed out from lack of oxygen. Stupid? Yes. But that was some funny, funny shit.

I Survived a Read More »

Filler pics

I don’t know why, but I always schedule a bootload of things on the first day of summer vacation. So much for sleeping in. So here’s a few pictures from the last week, and maybe I’ll dream something blog-worthy during the night.

“I know it’s raining. I just don’t care.”

“Why are you so far away, Mommy? You know I’m not happy if I’m not touching you.”

“Go Fisher Cats!” (From Wikipedia: The New Hampshire Fisher Cats are a minor … Read More »

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