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David Cook fronting ZZ Top?

Orgasms were had by all.

(Well, maybe not all, but certainly by me.)

We’re on DVR-delay, so I must avoid the ‘net from here on out, but OMG, I’m still panting.… Read More »

Pondering the Mind of the Non-Writer

Recently the husband brought up once again the time I slid my ATV into the snowbank and I had to explain once again I must have gotten too comfortable, forgot I was on snow and was writing dialogue in my head.

Then suddenly I wondered—and asked him—what do people who don’t write think about all the time?

When I’m driving, showering, weeding, riding my ATV, washing my dishes, folding laundry—you get the picture—I’m working out plot holes, testing dialogue, developing … Read More »

American Idol: Cook vs. Archuleta

Note to producers: The boxing thing? Stupid. And I like boxing.

Round 1: (Cook: “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2/Archuleta: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John) Both songs I love and you both sang the hell out of them. Despite my Cook-loving bias, I had to tie-break using comfort zone and song toughness factors, so I reluctantly give Round 1 to Archuleta.

Round 2: (Cook: “Dream Big” by…?/Archuleta: “In This Moment” Read More »

Short kid down and new reviews

So I’ve got a sick short kid on my hands. He’s…well, let’s just say my life is gross at the moment and leave it at that. So far today he seems quiet but less disgusting. I don’t know if he’ll meet my personal “24 hours and 3 square meals” standard and make it to school tomorrow, but fingers are crossed we’ve had our last sprint to the bucket.

In other, much less yucky news, I’ve got a couple of reviews … Read More »

Home again

A blast was had by all. It’s been dry so there was a lot more dust than mud, but it was nice to get out on the trail. Now, of course, I have to catch up at home, but here’s my favorite picture from the weekend. Our fellow campers were having trouble with their cable connection and went hunting for a working signal.

Read More »

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