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The postponed inanity

Anybody else notice this press release? (bolding mine):

At Berkley, Editorial Director Susan Allison signed up three more Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels from Laurell K. Hamilton—the #1 bestselling author credited with starting the genre of paranormal fiction. North American hard/soft rights were brokered by Merrilee Heifetz at Writers House in a major 7-figure deal. The first of the three books-the sixteenth hardcover in the popular series, following the latest installment Blood Noir-will be published in 2009.

Really? Credited … Read More »

Cats and dogs

Menacing, isn’t she?

Good thing my cats are experts at blending in and becoming invisible.

(I feel a need to explain the grubbiness of the sheet Jinx’s cloaking device—it separates the hallway from the currently-being-remodeled bathroom.)… Read More »

Here there be bad words—a lot of them

I had a rather inane post planned for today, which is now postponed. (Lucky you, you know the inanity is coming tomorrow. Is inanity a word? I don’t know. It is now.)

Anyway, now that the reverberation in my skull from my head exploding has faded just enough to allow my brain to fire signals to my fingers, I will share my outrage with no promise of coherency, but a warning it might get ugly.

A friend of mine tried … Read More »


This puppy isn’t happy unless some part of her body is in contact with some part of my body—generally her ass on my feet—and she can cause quite a ruckus if I leave her sight.


The Celtics are interfering with my TV schedule and causing a DVR overload, but we’re starting to catch up on shows:

I’m extremely unhappy with Criminal Minds. If they ARE losing a BAU member, he or she deserves better than that. And it … Read More »

In the category of…

…what the hell was I thinking, meet the newest member of the Stacey family, 3-month Shih Tsu puppy “Mini”:

My cats are pissed!

I’ll be catching up tomorrow. Tonight I am trying to keep all furry factions at peace.… Read More »

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