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I can already tell, when the boys get home from school and rush to get their daily lolcat fix, this one will be a new favorite. My lovely and charming young gentlemen having been using feline hygiene against one another for a long time now.

Scenario #1:

The tall kid silently watches Jinx pushing her face into the short kid’s water glass, trying for a drink. Then he waits, ever so patiently, until the short kid—who wasn’t paying attention—takes a sip of water.

 Tall kid:  You just drank cat butt!  Eeeeewwww!

Scenario #2:

Short kid to the tall kid: Gizmo doesn’t love you anymore. She’s my kitty now.

Tall kid calls Gizmo over and makes little chirpy sound that always makes Gizmo sniff at his mouth, simulating a kiss.

Short kid: She just licked her butt, which means you just kissed her butt! Eeeewww!

And yes, that scene in Shrek 2 in which Puss in Boots is licking his dangly bits clean might have raised my eyebrows because of the anthropomorphization, but it’s considered high comedy at Casa Stacey.

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