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Yeah, I'd pay for that

Brenda Novak’s 2008 Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research starts tomorrow and there about a gazillion things I’d like to buy—starting with the autographed Ali photo.

One thing that really caught my eye—some of the editorial evaluations have a promised response time, ranging from 24 hours to 2 weeks.


Considering I’ve had a partial hanging out with one of those editors for one week shy of ten months now, that’s a really hard deal to pass up. (Of course … Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Neil Diamond Week

Neil Diamond? Oh, come on! What’s next? Julia Ward Howe week?

Digression—NCIS: Anybody else think the giving of the laptop would have been more touching if she’d given her the power cord, too?

Anyway…(Pleasepleaseplease don’t let Archuleta sing “Sweet Caroline”.)

Crap, they’re each doing two songs tonight. I’ll take the performances in order rather than try to collate.

Dear Jason Castro: (“Forever in Blue Jeans”) I actually liked it, especially the opening lines where you used … Read More »

Baby? What baby?

My unabashed adoration for secret baby romances isn’t something I keep buried behind the bassinet. I’ve even written two of them myself. As a reader I’ve gone through a ton of them, and I have certain expectations:

1. Whatever separated them post-conception can’t sustain the book. There has to be a conflict in the here and now, and his talking to his ex-girlfriend, the bleached blonde Bunny with the very big pom-poms, outside of the Dairy Queen twelve years ago … Read More »

Shorts, snowballs and sharks

We made a fairly last minute decision to go north this weekend. While we couldn’t ride the ATVs because it’s mud season, the water was back on in the campground so we got to open up the camper for the season. Air it out, do some raking, sit on the deck. Seriously strenuous stuff.

Nothing like a snowball fight in shorts and a t-shirt!

Duck! (These were taken at the Boise Rock pull-off in Franconia Notch. We stop there to … Read More »

RTB and a convo with the TK

Despite chaos ensuing due to bathroom demolition, a last-minute decision to go out of town this weekend (which I’m frantically preparing for) and what should have been an easy Trend Micro renewal turning into a horror show that took both of my computers down for hours, I managed to get a post up at Romancing the Blog.


Conversation with the Tall Kid this morning:

TK: Mom, why is there an Encyclopedia of Serial Killers on the coffee table?… Read More »

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