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Quick miscellanea

I’m running like a mad chicken today, so forgive the post and run.

Karen Scott: has temporarily relocated here. And there’s a wonderful post linking to a tearjerker post you don’t want to miss.

Big Brother: Didn’t take long for James to throw his soulmate under the bus, did it? And I think they should pull Natalie out of the house. She is seriously :censor: in the head and I think her obsession with Matt is not on the same planet as healthy. They should at least medicate the hell out of her. As for who should be voted back in? Amanda gave good drama, but I think it should be Alex. Because they played as partners and his was a shrew, he never got a fair chance to play the game.

Here Come the Newlyweds: LOVE this show! Funny and competitive without the train-wreck destructive quality. Now that the Bajwas were sent home, I’m torn between wanting the Moutras and the Krashins to win. Mr. Moutra is SO damn funny I want him to stick around til the end. The Krashins are funny, too, and a little more real. Of course, though they just married for health insurance reasons, the Krashins have been together fourteen years, which is almost as long as my husband and I have been together. So while they may technically be okay by the rules, I do think at some point they’ll have an advantage and I’m surprised the other couples haven’t voted them out.

Survivor: Thankfully I’ve talked to my sister, so I know I’m not the only mean person who rewound the footage of Joel dragging Chet through the challenge…more than once. So far I think Tracy’s the strongest Survivor because she’s not only kept herself in, but Chet and—up to the tribal switch—Kathy in, as well.

The weather: I’m not sure how cold it is, but the kids didn’t go out for before-first-bell recess, which means it’s below 15 degrees. Saturday it rained all freakin day, and then it turned frigid. What’s really funny is that the wind was horrible and blowing hard as the dripping refroze, so all my icicles lean to the left. :rofl:

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