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Ebook Half-Week: Twice Upon A Roadtrip

Reason to Love Ebooks #1: Your youngest child can’t wander up, ever so innocently, then whip the bookmark out of your book and run like hell, cackling like a fiend.

Every girl has a special place in her heart for her first time, doesn’t she? Roadtrip was my first published book, my first cover, my first reviews. I’ll admit to some special warm and fuzzies for it. But what to say about it…

I could post the blurb (which is here) or some of the reviews (which are here) or the first chapter (which is below the blurb), but that seems a little blah for celebrating Read an Ebook Half-Week, doesn’t it?

Instead, I’ll confess a little-known secret about Roadtrip. (Yes, “little-known secret” is redundant, except there are people who know this. I’m not sure how many, though. And it’s not really a secret secret.)

Twice Upon A Roadtrip is kind of sort of a prequel-slash-sequel to Forever Again. Weird, on a couple of a levels.

1) Roadtrip is a zany erotic romantic comedy with lots of naughtiness, a skunk, a narcoleptic sheriff, a pink condom and…did I mention all the very naughty words? Forever Again is a traditional reunion romance with some tear-jerking emotion, a secret baby and a kiss or two. Radically different, and I love them both.

2) How can it be a prequel-slash-sequel? Well…chronologically in MY world, Roadtrip was published first, but Forever Again was written first and comes first in the BOOKS’ world. Several times in Forever Again, Gena meets up with her best friend, Jill Delaney, the single children’s librarian. Jill’s the heroine of Roadtrip. So even though Forever Again came second, the events in it take place first. (I’d like to stress here that they’re not a “series”. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away they were kind of meant to be, but that was before Ethan and Jill set off on their roadtrip and went in a wildly different direction.)

I think I was deep in Forever Again edits before I remembered that connection, but being such insanely different books from two different publishers, I didn’t think many people would catch it.

Wacky, huh?

“I know I’ve been in a rotten mood,” he continued, “but being stranded, separated from my money and now lost does that to me. Not to mention my mother’s off keeping company with some guy named Kenny.”


“I don’t know—some guy on the bus. So, if we’re going to be stuck in this car driving around the backwoods of North Carolina—at least I think we’re in North Carolina since it’s almost dinnertime—we should get to know each other.”

She knew he had a birthmark shaped like a toadstool on his ass. What else did a girl need to know?

“Okay,” she said. “I like action movies and walks not in the rain. My favorite color is ‘79 Corvette red and my favorite food is macaroni and cheese.”

“I meant…” He turned and frowned at her. “Your favorite food is macaroni and cheese?”

Jill reached down and removed his hand from her thigh. “I suppose that’s irresponsible, too?”

“No, I liked macaroni and cheese…when I was twelve.”

“It’s a very versatile dish. You can add hamburger to it, or chopped ham. You can even add broccoli and sautéed chicken and you have a casserole.” She couldn’t tell if that was a gagging sound he made, or if he was simply clearing his throat. “What’s your favorite food?”

“Broiled swordfish.”


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3 comments to “Ebook Half-Week: Twice Upon A Roadtrip”

  1. Paula
      · March 12th, 2008 at 10:30 am · Link

    Reason to Love Ebooks #1 made me also cackle like a fiend. (Which is, of course, proof that it hasn’t happened to me.)

  2. Shannon
      · March 12th, 2008 at 2:04 pm · Link


    Both of my boys, unfortunately, learned at early ages that seriously pushed Mom’s buttons. :grouch:

  3. Lori
      · March 16th, 2008 at 2:28 am · Link

    Oh, I did love this book.

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