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The conversational bouncing ball

Yesterday I received a mysterious email, the contents of which read: “Check out June”. Yes, that’s all it said. (It wasn’t all that mysterious, of course, because I knew who it was from.) Oooh, a scavenger hunt! The game was short lived, however, because I saw them immediately.

Tony and Charlotte are cheating on me. They’re on the cover of two of Samhain’s June releases. *does Scarlett O’Hara swoon*

I’ll admit I had a moment of possessive indignation. But…But…that’s

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Funding the enemy…I does it

Note to self: Google before you leap.

A while back, y’all remember when we donated to the ferrets? Well, really we donated to the Defenders of Wildlife, but y’all know what I mean. (There’s a reason I’m not linking to it.) Yes, I donated, too.

, of course, I find out they’re one of the top seven anti-ATV-access groups in the country. Dammit. I can not believe I did that.

The irony is, my kids have a strong bond … Read More »

A Snow Day From Left Field

So I’d been hearing for a couple of days we’d be getting a dusting to 2″ last night. No big deal. Then the late news said 4-8″, and this morning’s news said 6-8″. Okay. So, despite there being less than an inch on the ground this morning, they called school because the storm’s supposed to wind down by noon. (They must figure at some point the snowflakes are just going to start pummeling the hell out of us.)

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Do they come with a free probe?

So last night after work the husband upgraded all of our smoke detectors. When we remodeled, he hardwired in good smokes, but that was a few years ago and he wanted to change them out for new and improved models. (Honestly, I think it was easier for him to install new ones than for us to go around and clean the others.)

One of the lovely new and improved features is a more noticeable-to-Joe-Homeowner indicator light. Nice big glowing green … Read More »

Letters to Idols: Songs of their Birthyear Week

Dear Ramiele Malubay: (“Alone” by Heart) Hey, we were both born on 9/6! (We won’t talk about the year, though.) As for your singing, you have lovely tonsils, but I wouldn’t recommend taking on Heart again. The Wilson sisters didn’t screech like howler monkeys being gangraped by horny, horny hippos.

Dear Jason Castro: (“Fragile” by Sting) I still think you’re a truly gifted musician, but this just isn’t your venue. Okay, it’s like this—I see you as a literary novel … Read More »

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