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Flipping through the DVDs again

In the comments of my last post about my DVD collection, Patti asked:

OK, Shannon we both have Armageddon but what about chic flicks Bridget Jones (both) and the Wedding Singer, though that one could be a generational thing. As far as man movies I love Braveheart, Signs and any Leathel Weapon, note the Mel connection. We do have the Sopranos box set (this Christmas so as yet unwatched) but though I loved Deadwood (Jane was the BEST) I was challenged by the eloquent speech so much so that I would spend most of the show begging aloud to hubby, “What did they say? What are they talking about?”

First…generational thing? :lmao: How much older than me do you think you are?

Now, chick flicks. I just looked over my DVDs and I think I’ve identified….four.

Hope Floats
The Princess Bride
The Sweetest Thing
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (which I include here because I have yet to meet a man who liked it, Ms. Jolie’s breasts notwithstanding.)

I think I might have seen Bridget Jones (the first one). I’m not sure. I think I saw Wedding Singer, too, but (looks around for fellow NH-ites) I’m not a big Adam Sandler fan.

Last chick flick I watched…umm…The Wedding Date, and I thought it was pretty weak. My editor, in the past, has slapped me upside the head for not showing the “falling in love” parts, and I thought of that at the end of this movie. He was cool and aloof for 99.9% of the movie, then BAM, they live happily ever after.

I need to broaded my chick flick horizons, I think.

As for Deadwood, I can give you a transcript:

Jane: :censor: :censor: you :censor:
Bullock: No, I :censor: :censor: your :censor:
Swearengen: :censor: :censor: :rant: :censor: :censor:
Chinese guy: Swen-gen cocksuckah!
Jane: :censor: :censor: *hiccup* :censor:

Rinse and repeat.

God, I love that show. I’m still waiting for the movies they promised us in lieu of season 4, dammit.

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