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The Midichlorians shift

I was hugely surprised to find out my friend, Emma, has turned to the Dark Side. That’s right…she’s now an editor! She must have donned the Spanish Inquisition costume, because I didn’t see that one coming.


But seriously, I thought—in addition to my congratulations :cheer: and best wishes :kiss: —I’d offer Emma some advice as she goes into this new endeavor:

1. Commas are like coffees—no such thing as too many.

2. Overuse of the em dash is … Read More »

Ever so slightly hungover

I spent the weekend pretty much higher than a kite on OTC cold med cocktails. Blech. Today, since I have to actually function—kids to school, tax-related math, driving a vehicle—I’m just taking the Sudafed without washing it down with the Nyquil. I’d wash the Sudafed down with Dayquil, but I’ve found that—when combined with high doses of caffeine—makes me twitch too much to get anything done. :crazy:

Since coherency might still be an issue, I’m just going to post a … Read More »

All Indy, all the time

I don’t know how familiar y’all are with Lego Star Wars, the video game, but…well, basically it’s a Star Wars video game in a Lego world. And it’s hilarious.Anyway, the complete saga promos the next Lego movie adventure game: Indiana Jones. You can even play as his character in the Star Wars world, and Indiana Jones whappin’ Darth Vader upside the helmet with his bullwhip is some wicked funny stuff.That’s when we realized the boys had never seen Indiana
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Sunglasses and lie detectors

Yesterday the husband and I finally got around to hitting the vision center for new glasses. His were easy (though OMG expensive) with the progressive no-line bifocal, Nikon lenses and that Transition tint where they darken automatically in the sun. I’d decided I was getting the Transition tint, too, because I’ve never been able to wear sunglasses.

Well, much to the husband’s annoyance, I started waffling wicked bad once decision time came. I tried to explain to him that I’ve … Read More »

How sad

I can’t believe Heath Ledger died today.

And I really, really hope it wasn’t suicide, as is rumored. I also hope it wasn’t drugs.


TMFM.… Read More »

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