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Time for snow already?

Note to self: Call storage facility and then congratulate self on once again leaving something to the very last second. Also accept kudos from husband who is always the one who has to drive the poorly-heated, very non-4-wheel-drive Mustang to the storage facility well after the very last second. You’d never guess I have three calendars, not counting the one on my iPaq.

Even though we were frolicking in the snow this past weekend, that was two hours north of here, and I didn’t think we were due yet. Huh. Since giving up Dunkin Donuts, I have been unable to stay awake long enough for the weather. (No, that is NOT an admission that my DD addiction MAY have been contributing to my insomnia issues.)

So…in the interest of being a good mother who is informed on the weather and can therefore send her children to school dressed appropriately, I am RIGHT NOW inhaling a DD iced coffee.

I have to think of the children.

Oh, and Sven. :censor: Sven. I promised myself a strenuous, sweat-filled workout with him today. (Right after I call the storage place.)

One comment to “Time for snow already?”

  1. Emma Wayne Porter
      · November 20th, 2007 at 11:04 am · Link


    I have an Elmer Fudd hat if you need. (Never mind the bald patches in the fur lining from two kittens living in it once upon a time.)

    Tell Sven I said :censor:

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