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Did Sven terrorize me into meeting my goal for the week? Well…yes and no. Here’s what I wrote in my check-in last night:

I surpassed my goal of 7k for the week by 565 words, which sounds okay, but really isn’t. One of the things I’m trying to cure myself of is binge writing and I got 5570 of those words today.

Word count=good. Binge writing=not so good.

In other news, despite some of the most biased refs I’ve seen in years, my Patriots managed to escape yesterday 9-0 while the Colts lost their undefeated status and went to 7-1. (Sorry Mel) Wicked good game.

And the Amazing Race began last night! :boogie: This has been our favorite show since the very first AR season, and it becomes the one thing I look foward to all week. (Especially with the producers manipulating Survivor so badly and obviously the last several seasons.) So far I like the Goths. For me it always comes down to how the pair treat one another. That one guy (whose name escapes me, but whose donkey refused to move) represents the people I hate the most:

During challenges: You suck at this. You can’t do anything. You’re worthless.
Once challenge is over and they’re not eliminated: I love you. You’re awesome. You’re the best, babe.

We’ll see how it goes. So far it appears there are at least three men prone to arrogantly refusing to listen to their girlfriends/sister/whatever.

Is it Sunday yet?

3 comments to “Miscellaneous stuff”

  1. Michelle
      · November 5th, 2007 at 1:30 pm · Link

    I LOVE Amazing Race. I didn’t realise it started last night. Will have to tell dh as this is the one show we like to watch together. There was that one season, hmm, I think two season ago, where there was a guy who I thought was completely abusive to his wife/girlfriend (can’t remember now, maybe they were just engaged). They were doing a challenge and he hit her in the nose/face with something (accidentally I think), but he just got mad at her. The whole thing was like that, and afterwards the couple said the show skewed it so it looked like he was a jerk. Um, yeah, I think he did that all by himself. :grouch:

  2. Shannon
      · November 5th, 2007 at 10:52 pm · Link

    Oooh, that was Victoria and….her asshole husband. I hated them. And I did see the interview during which they claimed biased editing, but they didn’t edit IN him screaming and shoving her.


  3. Natalie J. Damschroder
      · November 6th, 2007 at 10:44 pm · Link

    despite some of the most biased refs I’ve seen in years

    Seriously! :wtf:

    I yelled at the TV so much my cat tackled me and bit my head. And then did it again. And then grabbed my hair in her mouth and pinned me to the damned bed. :rofl:

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