Shannon Stacey

It IS Monday, right?

My children are driving me MAD. Why aren’t they in school, dammit?

Saturday the husband and I set about scraping and painting exterior house parts not vinyl-sided or -wrapped. I love vinyl. Enough said.

Then we set off to Borders. Because the boys chose to wander through the magazine and DVD sections with their father, I was free to roam the Red Light District formerly known as the romance aisles. I came home empty-handed. Again.

I did almost find a book. The cover and blurb looked intriguing, so I opened it to the first page—something I never used to do. Somebody (I don’t know who) was riding somebody else (also a stranger to me) and there was panting and moaning and throbbing. Yeah, don’t care, thanks.

Considering that book had Silhouette on the spine, I’m about ready to give up.


Okay, sorry. Anyway…

Yesterday we trekked to Maine for #2 nephew’s birthday party. The husband also trekked to Maine, but he went for a Toys For Tots ATV ride. About halfway home (it’s a two-hour drive), we happened to spot the husband’s truck in a…where else?…Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Yup, if you ever lose a Stacey, look for us at DD.

Today, I’m still deciding whether to clean out the bedroom closets so I have room to put away the laundry (it’s time to accept those jeans will NEVER fit me again) or to clean “my” end of the office/den. The office end is faring pretty well, but at the other end the TBR piles are starting to slide and since there are heat vents under there, I’m going to get cold eventually.

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