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Flight, tights and walking the plank

I have officially second-guessed myself into a state of paralysis. I have no idea what I’m doing, what I’m going to do, what I could or should do.

My PotC Magic 8-Skull answers every single question with “Walk the Plank”. I’m hoping it’s broken, because—if not—that sucks.

In other news, totally addicted to Smallville now. When it first came on, we rolled our eyes at yet another Superman series. Then, last year, we landed upon some reruns. Picked up the show halfway through season 6, I think. (You know it’s a good show for me to pick it up that far in. Usually if I don’t see the pilot, I won’t EVER watch it.)

Fortunately (unfortunately for the keeper of the wallet) seasons 1 through 6 are on DVD and the tall kid has asked for them all for Christmas. To get a head start on it, the husband got season 1 for his birthday (21 episodes!). We’re watching one episode each evening, and I love it even more.

The friendship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor has me totally glued to the screen. I have no idea if the “Smallville years” were covered in the comics or not, but it’s new to me, and utterly fascinating. While I do occasionally wonder if there’s any law enforcement to speak of in Smallville and why said LE isn’t picking up on the high mortality rate in town, but overall it’s good TV. I guess you know what we’ll be doing Christmas break week.

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