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Lover Unbound by JR Ward

I’m going to confess right now—I can’t write reviews. If you give me a premise, a character, or even just a couple of plot points, I can build you a story around it, but I can’t give a brief overview of somebody’s book and my coherent opinion on it in two to five paragraphs. Hats off to those who can.

So, with a few semi-coherent bullet points, my hopefully not-very-spoilerish thoughts on the latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series:

This is my favorite in the series to date. I know that makes me a bit of an oddball, but there it is.

The lack of Lessers’ POVs: I hated the scenes from the Lessers’ POVs like a fat kid hates celery. (Sorry, Karen.) Not having them in this book was like being granted a wish from the book genie.

The Scribe Virgin: Never really cared for her before. I’d get to scenes with her and make that grimace face usually reserved for American chop suey and flavored coffee. But I actually kind of liked her in this one. Maybe it’s being the mother of sons, but I just “got” her a little more.

Jane: I haven’t really cared for the previous heroines. But I liked Jane. She was kind of a bad-ass, and I liked her sense of humor.

As for focusing too much on the whole group and not enough on the romance: You know, I read these for the Brothers. If one of the Brothers is hot for a mate, sure I’d like to know. But I also want to know what all the others are doing. I liked the balance in this one.

The whole Deux ex machina thing: I didn’t mind it. I also think there are quirks you just accept in your favorite writers. I know I’m going to get all invested in a villain in a Deaver book, only to have him throw the real killer—and a total stranger—into the mix two-thirds of the way in. Patterson’s got a serious jones for exclamation points! Stuff like that. I’m very forgiving when I’m being thoroughly swept away and entertained.

The ending was incredibly beautiful and made me sniffle. Plus, there’s so much more to crave—what’s up with John and Xhex? Payne? Manello? OMG, I need the next one NOW!!!

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