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A beautiful sentence

From Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson:

For nearly a thousand years, the network of underground palaces had survived, thrived even, undetected and steadily growing in strength and number, like a cancer quiety spreading its deadly tentacles beneath the skin of a seemingly healthy man.

I read very little fantasy and, to be honest, it took me several tries to get through the prologue, but this is a beautiful book. And, while it can be difficult to know what with screennames and pseudonyms, as far as I know, I don’t know C.L. Wilson. So no friend-pimpage here. *g*

I had no other thought when I opened this entry box other than to say “Hey, this is a beautiful book”, but now that I’m here, I have another thought. Looking at the book sitting next to me, I’m struck by what a lyrical, lush and evocative story it is, and yet I can’t recall a single one of the long, descriptive passages I associate with fantasy romance. Despite the necessity of having to provide the reader with knowledge of the world, the magic, the history, I haven’t skimmed a single paragraph in the 145 pages I’ve reached. For me, that’s pretty amazing.

In short, I think C.L. Wilson is not only a talented writer, but a truly gifted storyteller.

One comment to “A beautiful sentence”

  1. fatima
      · November 6th, 2007 at 1:43 pm · Link

    A beautiful sentence is beautiful, and a beautiful flower is beautiful, but their duration is nearly the same—a day, a century. Nothing dies more quickly than a style that is not supported by the solidity of strong thought. It shrivels up like a slackened hide; it falls in a heap like a rotten vine deprived of the tree it entwines. And if someone says that the vine keeps a tree with withered roots from falling down, I would agree. Style is also a force, but its value is that much more quickly diminished when it exhausts itself in preserving from annihilation the fragility which it embraces and sustains.

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