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Happy Halloween

I took this picture of a display outside the workshop of a local folk artist because I wanted my husband to see it and I assumed uptight passersby would complain and he would have to take it down. It’s still there.

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Running like a madwoman

Wicked busy today. And I know I didn’t blog yesterday—it was a tough day. Watching the Red Sox parade alone made me insanely miss my dad and it pretty much wiped me out. And today turns out to be Halloween. Who knew? I need to drag myself back to Walmart and buy some candy.

But yesterday I did turn in a blurb for Becoming Miss Becky. I’ll share it with y’all, even though it’s unedited/untweaked. (And of course I … Read More »

World Series Champions!


Hot dayum, it’s a good time to be a New England sports fan. Red Sox win the series for the second time. Patriots are kicking ass, taking names and have yet to drop a 1 in the L column. Looking forward to the celebration, where I assume Beckett will be goaded into riverdancing with Papelbon. And watch out, baseball world, because Jacoby Ellsbury is on his way to being one of the greatest players to ever play the … Read More »

Guess the literary character

The short kid’s school had Harvest Festival today and—though they nixed Halloween costumes a long time ago—they told the kids they could dress up as a literary character this year. (Yes, that went as well and had as much cheating as you’re thinking.) Besides the blatant stretching of the boundaries (little kitty-cat hooker costume was explained as “the cat that the girl in Harry Potter has”), there were also Cats in the Hat, Curious Georges, Tinkerbells and more.

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Much harder than limericks

So I was trying to do Haiku for my books. I have no idea why. I’m guessing because of the Smart Bitches contest.

It’s hard. Especially when one tends to think in limerick form. So far I’ve only managed one.

Kiss Me Deadly:

The Unkind has come
But she lives, resists and loves
Uh-oh, they’re mad now


I almost have one for 72 Hours done, but I need three more syllables for the second line.

Although, since … Read More »

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