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Season Premiere Week: Thursday

I don’t think we really have any Friday shows, so this might be it.

On a side note, the new Rascal Flatts CD is…less than great. I’m not loving it at all. After several listenings, there are only two songs I care for at all—one has creepy, stalkerish notes and the other’s about dead children. Sad, no? I got the CD Tuesday and by yesterday morning was back to rotating between “Feels Like Today” and “Me and My Gang”.

Survivor: So once Dave claimed leadership, he really claimed it, huh? I’d love to punch him in the head, but our TV warranty won’t cover that. My favorite so far is James, the grave digger. So much quiet, non-obnoxious strength and a beautiful smile. They haven’t really shown him enough to illustrate whether he has the necessary lying and scheming skills to go far, though.

CSI: Really great episode. As always, not enough Nick. I would like to say, however, that if NH law enforcement was in a life-or-death race to save one of their own, they’d probably put more than one helicopter in the air. And declaring they’d be searching the Nevada desert on foot? There was a brief moment when I hoped they’d all die.

At one point:

Shan: Oh no.

Grissom: Oh no.

*look from husband*

Shan: It’s a writer thing.

Big Shots: Interesting mix of laughing one’s ass off and meaningful drama. It kind of surprised me that in Billionaireville, there’s only one marriage counselor, but whatever. We’ll tune in again, even though it’s probably doomed.

Still on the DVR waiting to be watched:

CSI: Miami
The Unit
Back to You
Til’ Death
(which I’d never heard of, but it was on after BTY, so we taped it, too)
Dirty Sexy Money
(which my guys discovered about two months ago and fell in love with. I HATE having missed stuff, so I looked up the previous seasons on DVD. Ummm…six seasons we’ve missed? $250 for the box? Plus, they’re watching two different rerun cycles, so there’s no sense of chronological order whatsover. It drives me crazy, but they couldn’t care less—they’re just happy to watch it. My husband will also read a series out of order. I didn’t know that when I not only married him, but aided in passing on his warped DNA to a new generation.)

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