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Sunday drive to Borders

The short kid seemed back on his feet (he’s since relapsed—I hate fevers) and the husband needed some truck parts they didn’t have in town, so off we went to the city. Always a good excuse to go to Borders, especially since Walmart hasn’t put out Lover Unbound yet. Still waiting for my BDB fix.

Guess what? No LU at Borders. Anywhere. I even pulled it up on the search computer and it said “likely in the store”.


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Alphasmart question

Has anybody ever taken the 8 screws out of the back to take it apart and clean under the keys?

Mine’s pretty grubby, but with the condensed layout of the keyboard, taking the vacuum to it doesn’t accomplish much. It seems like the two halves should just come apart so I can clean it, but I don’t want it to end in disaster. :hide:

(The grubbiness is strange considering its lack of use. I rarely use it because the keys … Read More »

Last of the Season Premiere Week posts

Well, until I watch all the stuff I have DVR’d.

On a side note, I just unearthed a nifty little tidbit. The person who just requested a full from me shares my passion for Imperial Russia. Not that the manuscript has anything to do with Imperial Russia, but I’m taking it as a sign, dammit. :lol:


Ghost Whisperer: Not sure why my husband put this on. We skipped last season. I really liked it at first, but her overwhelming chipperness … Read More »

Geeks, vitamins and a throbbing knuckle

I’ve fallen prey in the last several weeks to a variety of minor physical ailments. Upset stomach here, pinched nerve there, headaches everywhere. The tall kid tried to present me with a dissertation on the important balance between physical, mental and emotional health, after which I reminded him again if he doesn’t step away from Wikipedia once in a while he’s going to know everything there is to know about swirlies and go stag to the prom.

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Season Premiere Week: Thursday

I don’t think we really have any Friday shows, so this might be it.

On a side note, the new Rascal Flatts CD is…less than great. I’m not loving it at all. After several listenings, there are only two songs I care for at all—one has creepy, stalkerish notes and the other’s about dead children. Sad, no? I got the CD Tuesday and by yesterday morning was back to rotating between “Feels Like Today” and “Me and My Gang”.

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