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I'm back again

And I’m at RTB today!

We took a long weekend, kind of a last hurrah before school starts. Tomorrow! :boogie: Fun and relaxation was had by all, although riding out an intense thunder and lightening storm in a 34′ aluminum can is not so enjoyable. It did, however, make for nice not-dusty riding.

A couple of my favorite pictures from the weekend (since playing catch-up is complicated by losing a Monday) are after the jump!

The tall kid said his Polaris wouldn’t go over the log (because he’s a pretty non-aggressive rider, not because of the machine) and the short kid double-dog-dared Dad to take it over. Since even the short kid’s little 50cc Scrambler could take it, the husband added a little show.

Which freaked out the tall kid, who had to analyze his suspension for any sign of “Dad being a yahoo” abuse. Not that he has any idea what to look for. This led to a volley of accusations such as “girly-boy” and “Superman wanna-be”, which then led to an impromtu lightsaber battle using fallen branches. I keep telling myself they’ll outgrow it, but the instigator’s going to be 52 in November, so…probably not.

The short kid is, of course, too cool for their petty squabbles.

One comment to “I'm back again”

  1. Anna Louise Lucia
      · August 29th, 2007 at 4:15 am · Link

    :rofl: You crack me up!

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