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A new goal

Yesterday I read on that Nora has a bobblehead. Seriously! A Nora Roberts bobblehead.

My initial reaction: Screw the RITA and the NYT, baby. I want a bobblehead!

That was yesterday. My thoughts today: Screw the RITA and the NYT…dude, I want a Shannon Stacey bobblehead! That would be so cool, and I’ve already started a list of ways my family could use it:

* The short kid would no doubt treat it as a “Mother, May I” magic … Read More »

Grinding along


Is there anything worse than Chapter Three?

I hate chapter three. It’s the bane of my existence. (Well, unless I’m working on the synopsis or the blurb or the cover art form, then they are. Or the first line. Or the last line.) Chapter three’s where the initial burst of inspiration starts wearing off and I actually have to start planning/plotting/figuring out what the hell’s going on and where the hell it’s supposed to end up—and when it’s … Read More »

Team Technicolor returns

We’ve returned! (Unfortunately—I could have stayed another two weeks.) It’ll take me at least a day to get back into the swing of things, so I’ll bore y’all with a few pics from the weekend. (But I’ll put them after the jump so you can skip if you like.) It was a wonderful long weekend, and just what I needed.

So….pics:… Read More »

I'm outta here

See you Monday! Ezmerelda will stop in with a recap next week, assuming I don’t lose her in a mud puddle somewhere.

And my grandfather, who was a Korean War army veteran, passed away this morning. We weren’t close, but it does seem a good time to remind everybody Memorial Day isn’t all about mud puddles and barbecues. Take a moment to remember those who have died in service to our country.… Read More »

Writing with the Staceys

The following conversation took place between the hours of…um, the time I got up and the time I went to bed?

(Speaking of which, thank God “24” is over for the season. WTF was that? Besides the storyline that made no sense, having Jack Bauer say “I’m at a crossroads”? Gag. Oh, and LOST writers? :censor: you, people, and the Vespas you :censor:ing rode in on, too. At any point during the writers meetings, did anybody say “But why wouldn’t … Read More »

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