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Is it over yet?

You know it’s Monday when you’ve deleted two blog entry drafts by 8am. The first pondered whether—with the proliferation of review sites and review blogs and such—we’re giving away more books than we sell. The second was a total pity party in which I wondered who I have to sleep with to get On the Edge reviewed. I chalked both up to a sugar high crash and deleted.

I’m so glad Easter’s over. There are two days for which everything here closes—Christmas and Easter. Christmas isn’t bad as we all have new toys to keep us busy. But Easter? We seriously get on each other’s nerves. With no restaurants, trips to Walmart and Dunkin Donuts, wandering through powersports dealerships, etc., we’re forced to amuse ourselves and it ain’t pretty.

We did watch The Right Stuff, though, which is always cool. The boys are cramming for our trip to the Smithsonian (hopefully this year) and they’re going to watch Apollo 13 next, and we might do the From the Earth to the Moon miniseries during April vacation. (I think that’s the title.)

They loved the movie. Sometimes, if the caller ID says it’s safe, I answer my cell with “My name Jose Jimenez”, and now they know why. And there were many lively debates about who was the greatest pilot ever (Chuck Yeager), whether Shepherd or Glenn was the better astronaut (Shepherd has the edge, being from NH), and whether Grissom panicked and blew the hatch or if it just blew (after a discussion on how people-in-the-know have declared that scene inaccurately depicted, we arrived at a fifty-fifty split). They also wanted to know why, after hundreds and hundreds of years of talking about flying, we were able to go from first flight to space flight in sixty years. While the disc states the running time 193 mins, with the pausing and debating it took us over four and a half hours to watch it.

Now the tall kid wants more live footage, less personal drama (he’ll like some episodes of From the Earth to the Moon more than others, I guess) and the short kid just wants more Chuck Yeager. (He was tickled pink when I pointed out that the bartender who offers Jeff Goldblum and his partner a whiskey is the real Chuck Yeager in a cameo role. This led to further debate—my fun-loving short kid thought NASA passing Yeager over because he didn’t have a college degree was stupid, whereas my rule-loving tall kid felt Yeager was too much of a cowboy to work within NASA’s guidelines.)

Geez, see what happens when the Stacey family’s confined for a day? :rofl: I’ll stop rambling now and go and ramble at whoever’s at fault for my internet connection being so finicky today (and yesterday and the day before).

2 comments to “Is it over yet?”

  1. Charlene
      · April 9th, 2007 at 12:05 pm · Link

    Send me On the Edge, I’ll review it. :rofl: You know I :heart: The Devil Group.

    From Earth to the Moon sounds like an excellent series. We’ll have to check it out. And the Smithsonian is one of the wonders of the world. I need to go visit again.

  2. Michelle
      · April 9th, 2007 at 12:33 pm · Link

    Pssst….you’ve got mail which I hope will help with the first para! :hug:

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