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Ezmerelda's Week in Review 3.30

Ezmerelda here, coming to you from…well, I could tell you where I am, but then I’d have to kill you. With my gun. See it? It’s wicked cool. And I have a light saber! Mel geared me up, so I’m out kicking ass with the Devlin Group in Zimbabwe!

Oh crap. Now I have to kill you. Dammit.

But first, Miz MG Braden is On the Edge of a Contest! If you’ve read On the Edge, go

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Thursday Thirteen #8
Thirteen things you can do with a printed copy of a negative review:

1. Set it on fire in the driveway. (An obvious one, yes, but a method I’ve used on crappy drafts in the past. I have stopped doing that, but only because the Mustang has a slow gas leak. Wouldn’t that suck?)

2. Fold it into a paper airplane, launch it, then shoot it down with a BB-gun.

3. Shred it and use it to mulch your garden.

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A brief American Idol musing…

So, the voters didn’t even put Sanjaya in the bottom three.

I want everybody to ponder this as you fall asleep tonight:

These are the same people who vote for the President of the United States—the same people who choose the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in the world.

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Post-release day

The day after a book releases is always weird for me. It’s kind of like….okay, now what?. Well, in this case I go to the Dreaded Tax Appointment. It’s not all bad, though, because 1) it should close out the tax process for me, which started in December and 2) it’ll keep me from going nuts waiting for reviews and checking to see if anybody’s blogged about the book.

I’m also title hunting. The working title for Gallagher’s … Read More »

The Devlin Group strikes again!

They’re baaaa-aaaack. On the Edge, which is the second book in the Devlin Group series is available now! (I’d insert the cover, but it’s up above and to the right, so…you know what? I’ll give you the bigger version .:rofl:)

Romance, adrenaline, cool toys and gunshot wounds…what more could a girl ask for?… Read More »

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