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Post-game blahs

So Patsy won himself a Superbowl ring. A grudging congratulations to my Colts-loving friends. Ain’t it a great feeling?

Of course, anybody—especially anybody who saw the NFC conference championship game—who thought Chicago might win was maybe slightly delusional. Not that the Bears aren’t a good team. The Chicago Bears are a great team actually. They just, for some inexplicable reason have a quarterback with zero passing ability and zero leadership ability. (I’ll just leave the fumbled snaps where they lie).

Note to Lovie: Your quarterback is not supposed to be merely the middle man between your center and your running backs.

I’ll admit, there’s a small part of me who likes seeing a quarterback who maybe kinda deserves a ring actually get a ring. But it’s a small part. Mostly I hope Patsy tries to wear it as a tiara and it gets stuck on his pencil neck.

Best commercial: Rock, Paper, Scissors over the last Bud Light.

Worst commericals: Those Sierra Mist Free ones or whatever the hell that guy from “Ed” was hawking badly.

I’d give you the husband’s opinions, but…he doesn’t have one. He slept through almost everything. (Although, from experience I can tell you that won’t keep him from having an opinion.) After an almost 70+ hour work week in frigid temps doing rough-ins in new construction homes (translation: houses that don’t have heat yet) and coming home beat, cold and cranky every night, does my husband see Sunday as an opportunity to sleep in. Rest his weary bones? Laze around and recharge his batteries in the warm house? No.

So he came home from his day off even more sore, more cold and…well, I don’t know if he was cranky because he was snoring in his chair almost immediately.

So…football’s over, and I’m bummed. Yeah, racing (Formula 1, not the ‘Go Fast, Turn Left’ circuit) and baseball are coming, but I’m a football girl.

Hey, wasn’t some guy supposed to propose during the Superbowl? He got a sponsor to pay for the ad or something. Was that the Superbowl? Did it happen? If it did, did she shoot him down in front of millions of his close, personal friends?

4 comments to “Post-game blahs”

  1. Renee
      · February 5th, 2007 at 1:58 pm · Link

    Hugs Shannon. I’m feeling the post season blues, too. We have a family buddy who owns a Nascar team, so we try to play along like we’re interested. And we’re not basball peeps at all. At least we’ve got the second half of basketball around here, though once football is over, my house turns into a battle zone of half (cheating:rulez:) Lakers fans vs Kings fans. :lmao:

    So, yeah, boohoo on football being over. (ProBowl isn’t football, it’s a show)

    Though I am still riding the MAJOR high of the COLTS WIN. For a long time Brady had a ring over Manning, now Manning’s got both. Better stats and a ring. Oh, and MVP Superbowl, and league a few times over. Looking good in Colt blue round here today. And my cutie hubby will be having free lunch from his co-workers for the rest of the month. :popcorn:

    You’re poor hubby. It looks so cold there. And long hours. Blehk.

    Should we get revved up for next year, Shannon? How many think COLTS are going back for a repeat next year. :boogie:

  2. Renee
      · February 5th, 2007 at 1:59 pm · Link

    duh…your, not you’re. :shrug:

  3. Shannon
      · February 5th, 2007 at 2:32 pm · Link

    Now…we decided to be nice for one year, and got our defense to throw up on the sidelines and we botched some plays and laid down in the second half so y’all could have a championship. Don’t get greedy now. :rofl:

    But seriously, it should start getting good now. I think for a while the Pats were to the Colts what the Broncos used to be to us, and now that jinx-kinda-thing is broken. With this being Manning’s first ring, one of two things will happen next season—the Colts won’t make postseason, or it’ll be a Colts/Pats AFC title game. I’m betting on the second.

    The ProBowl? They still play that? :lmao:

    I ignore the ProBowl because, for some reason, they snub the Patriots wicked hard.

    Although…I’ve heard two non-snobby reasons why there are so few Patriots ever in the ProBowl despite our recent history. (heh heh Dynasty heh heh) One being our team mentality, which doesn’t put one man out there in the spotlight. We don’t have a TO and we don’t want a TO. The other being that the Pats want it that way to protect that team mentality.

    Or…maybe we just say that so nobody knows we weren’t asked to the prom.

    It still cracks me up every time the “Patriots Dynasty” gets mentioned. Even now I think “Are they really talking about MY Patriots?” The year I finally got my stadium coat, we went one and fifteen, I think (12 years ago, maybe?), and you couldn’t give Patriots shit away. Had to special order the coat because nobody wanted them. Now you can buy a Patriots coat in New Mexico.

    Oh, and Brady’s got himself some MVP trophies, too. :groucho:

  4. Dee
      · February 5th, 2007 at 11:16 pm · Link

    Shannon, I knew if anyone would share my No More Football feelings, it’d be you. I mean, why bother with the rest of the year? I am rather happy for Peyton. His team finally didn’t let him down. I have a long-standing hatred for Eli, of course (I’m from San Diego), but I just like Peyton. Don’t really care about the Colts, so I’m happy for him. And, you know, I finally realized why my Chargers handed y’all the AFC championship berth—I’d never have been able to withstand a Charger Superbowl without going into labor, lol.

    Hugs (and lots and lots of ducking!)

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