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Now for the TV post

The Amazing Race: Still number one at Casa Stacey. We’re enjoying the all-star season, even though several of the teams do NOT deserve the title. The casting has nothing to do with being an all-star and everything to do with stirring the personality pot. We were disappointed that our favorite “fat bastards” from Season 1 turned into total duds, but I’m still loving Rob and Amb-uh. He has the most incredibly sexy diabolical mind.

Cold Case: We watch this one when there’s nothing better on or taped, so it’s nice that there’s not really an overreaching arc that has to be followed. It’s a good, solid show, but I get annoyed by the superhuman memories. “On April 16, 1952 I had a cheeseburger with no pickes at 1:02 in the afternoon, then I drove by the gas station at 1:20 and saw a woman with “I BRAKE FOR GOATS” written in black on her pink T-shirt, and then…” Please.

We gave up on Without A Trace: Every really awesome crime show eventually sinks to the inter-office sexual soap opera level.

How I Met Your Mother and The Class: Funniest hour on television, especially The Class. it’s got sharp, un-PC humor that’s fresh and really funny. You know what it makes me think of? If Becker’s writers had guest written an episode of Friends. And How I Met Your Mother—who knew Doogie was such a funny bastard?

24: For heaven’s sake, somebody please make a perimeter and shoot this show. It’s been going downhill for a while, but this season flat out sucks. SUCKS! And not only does it suck, but it’s just flat out stupid, and that’s even worse.

CSI: Miami: I still watch it, but it has more and more eye-rolling moments of late. I might have been the only person on the planet actually rooting for Delko to die.

NCIS: I love love love the character interaction on this show, and it’s one of my favorites. Plus I have a little bit of a crush on Ziva and my husband hates her, so that’s fun.

The Unit: Right now, the best drama on TV. The wives are whiny and annoying, but the men…whew. They are intense and conflicted and tortured and kick-ass and real and individual.

Dirt: I had higher hopes, but it’s starting to bore me. Kinky sex and shocking dialogue on network TV just to push the envelope get very boring very fast if there isn’t a solid story behind them. There isn’t here, and I’m really tired of Courtney Cox and the vibrator, thanks.

(Wednesday is a tough day for us, and even with 2 tuners, our DVR gets a workout.)

American Idol: I tape it when the DVR is free and watch it as I can.

Jericho: It’s interesting. Different. And they just revealed some backstory that’s shaking things up in a good way. Requires some serious suspension of belief, though.

Criminal Minds: If not for the storyline they’re taking with Reid, I’d have been hard pressed to choose between this one and The Unit for the best drama. Love this show. And while I went into it expecting Mandy Patinkin to carry the show because he is an acting god and thinking Shemar Moore was the token pretty face, Moore’s got some acting chops and the relationships between Morgan, Reid and Garcia are actually the most dynamic of the show. I honestly think the show could survive losing Patinkin but would flounder hard without Moore.

(This is getting long—oops—so I’ll take up with Lost tomorrow.)

2 comments to “Now for the TV post”

  1. Mandy M. Roth
      · February 27th, 2007 at 11:31 am · Link

    “I BRAKE FOR GOATS” :lmao:

  2. Jaci Burton
      · February 27th, 2007 at 3:25 pm · Link

    David Caruso – stand at profile, tilt the head, take off the sunglasses,put the sunglasses back on. Can’t. Stand. Him.

    We gave up on CSI Miami because of him. And the lame plotlines.

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