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Working on the assembly line

There’s a lively debate going on over at about writers not posting on reader blogs. It’s an interesting discussion and I’ve commented a couple of times, but this one’s long.

Quite often when authors express a reluctance to jump into the reader’s end of the pool, we’re asked “Well, aren’t you still readers, too?”

Yes and no. The bottom line is this—romance writing is an industy. Readers are the consumers and writers—no matter how many books they personally buy—are … Read More »

The TV Post part 2

Okay, where was I?

Lost: This show jumped the shark when they blew the hatch, but my husband still makes me watch it. I miss the polar bear and the freaky black cloud, and they’ve diluted the story by having way too many characters now.

Shark: (I forget what night this is on.) It’s okay. The husband likes it more than I do, and I find the daughter annoying as hell.

Survivor: They should never have messed with the original … Read More »

Now for the TV post

The Amazing Race: Still number one at Casa Stacey. We’re enjoying the all-star season, even though several of the teams do NOT deserve the title. The casting has nothing to do with being an all-star and everything to do with stirring the personality pot. We were disappointed that our favorite “fat bastards” from Season 1 turned into total duds, but I’m still loving Rob and Amb-uh. He has the most incredibly sexy diabolical mind.

Cold Case: We watch … Read More »

What I was going to blog about

I was kind of drawing a blank on a blog topic, so I figured I’d blog about TV.

Then I found out some stupid bitch whose ass I’d like to kick all over the freakin’ internet is giving away one of my books for free to anybody who cares to download it. Yes, this is the first time it’s happened to me. But I really don’t want to go on and on about lowlife scumbags who are either too stupid … Read More »

The cake that kicked my butt

Yesterday we made the trek to Maine for a joint birthday party for Nephew #3 and Nephew #4. #3 turned 3 and #4 turned 2. Whew. I’m going to need an Excel spreadsheet once my brother’s fiance has Nephew #5, which would be #1 for him. Calling him #5 makes him sound like he’s tacked on to the end of my sister’s crew, and trust me when I tell you she doesn’t want a bigger crew.

So anyway…we got there … Read More »

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