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The verdict…

Well, the overwhelming vote was for leaving my site alone. I’ve made some notes on tweaking some of the navigation that’s an issue. And I was thinking earlier today about the static entry page. I have no idea if that would screw up my permalinks somehow—if the blog moved to a /blog directory. Since the majority votes for leaving it, I don’t have to worry about it. One thing I’m considering is—where the Talons banner is now—is putting like a “welcome” message in it. That might help orient a new visitor.

Thank you ALL for your input! It’s hard to know when you’re on track, so it’s good to know that (in this area, at least *g*), I am!

And for the winners (yes, I decided to go with 2), the husband randomly chose numbers, and the winners are:

Jessy and Ali! Plus, May, back when I was doing a poll on taglines, you were chosen for a download. So you three can email your choice of book and format to!

And now, just a few of the comments:

Overall, a sharp professional look. You should be proud!

Oh, I definitely am. I adore the look DreamForge Media gave me. But I’ve tinkered with it, hacked it, and customized it so much I was starting to wonder if I’d wrecked it.

Throw up a book cover without any info on the book and piss me off for life.

I visited a site belonging to a NYT lister the other day, and encountered just this problem. By the time I worked up the guts to blog about it and went back for the links, it appeared she’d redesigned. I also don’t care for book covers that link only to Amazon. Sure, there’s usually a blurb there, but there is scrolling and all kinds of garbage to wade through to find it.

Wish I had the knowledge/money/whatever to make my website a bit more…professional?

Hey, aren’t writers supposed to be neurotic?


I found the behind-the-scenes section but maybe you can do something to make the link more noticeable. As your list of books grows, it gets pushed all the way down.

I totally agree that’s a problem. I’ve been considering ways get more links up there without screwing up the design, most likely using the sidebar. (It’s not usually so busy at the top, but right now I’ve got 2 releases close together).

I enjoy reading it and am disappointed when you don’t post something (like when you take time with your family…I understand really but I miss you.

:kiss: I miss being here while I’m away. And you’d be surprised how often I’d rather have stayed behind. :lmao:

And while I’m commenting…make Turkey Dinner early in the week, then take left-overs with ya’ll so everyone will get what they want on your Turkey Day Away from home…

OMG, that’s brilliant! We’d been discussing buying a small, cheap microwave for the camper. That disposable plasticware…yes, this is a good plan. If we go.

Just keep on writing excellent books and that will make us visit your blog or site regularly.

Thank you! And I’m trying. :type:

One comment to “The verdict…”

  1. Charlene
      · October 25th, 2006 at 8:22 am · Link

    Glad you’re keeping it as is. I like your site. And good plan for Turkey day.

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