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Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And it kind of is, even though it doesn’t involve hot, sweaty men removing their clothing. :nookie:

I always have a few things going on writing-wise. I have notes in my iPaq for one story, a notebook of handwritten pages for another, and the must-finish-or-die deadline book on my laptop, usually. Right now, my “my printed out for editing while on the porch having a smoke or whatever” story is one tentatively titled The Outlaw’s Woman.

What does that have to do with stripping? Well, right now I’m stripping out all the sex I’d added to it. Okay, not ALL the sex, but all the kinky money shots that don’t belong in the story are being slashed. When push came to shove, I couldn’t sell out the story and it went unsubmitted to anybody.

Until now. I’m revising this one for PBW’s e-book challenge. As soon as I read that post, I knew I wanted to use this story. It’s a western (I guess that was pretty obvious from the working title)—a little darker than the western I recently contracted with Samhain and short novella length.

So on October 31, I’ll be posting The Outlaw’s Woman (or whatever less cliched title comes to me) on my site as a free read and it’ll be written as it was meant to be. I’m pretty excited about it.

Now I have to go bombard Mandy with horrifying doodles from the Paint program until she makes me a cover just to put me out of her misery.

2 comments to “Stripping”

  1. Charlene
      · September 29th, 2006 at 12:22 pm · Link

    Woohoo! Ebook challenge western, yeah! I’ll be waiting to download. :nod: Some stories are just not meant to be erotic and you’re very smart not to break yours trying.

  2. Anna Lucia
      · October 1st, 2006 at 3:37 am · Link

    Just as an aside, I’ve read the blurb for all the talons books… and i have to have them.

    ALL of them.

    They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.


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