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Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And it kind of is, even though it doesn’t involve hot, sweaty men removing their clothing. :nookie:

I always have a few things going on writing-wise. I have notes in my iPaq for one story, a notebook of handwritten pages for another, and the must-finish-or-die deadline book on my laptop, usually. Right now, my “my printed out for editing while on the porch having a smoke or whatever” story is one tentatively titled The Outlaw’s WomanRead More »

Hey, wanna win a book?

I need to order pens. Despite a life-long pen fetish and a love for promo pens, I don’t yet have my own. I tried to order some once, but the company chose not to tell me that pen was out of stock and I got really ticked off after waiting. I really need a little jingle thing, though. A whatchamacallit…tagline?

Going through my favorite pens, scattered here on my desk, I find:

Feel the Passion (Jaci Burton)
Are you ready Read More »



I CANNOT express how happy I am for her. Anna’s amazing, and I am so WICKED, WICKED happy for her.

Go squeeee for her!… Read More »

Scaling the mountain

So I’m still putting my den/office back together after the removal of the ginormous corner desk in favor of sleek new desk (read as zero storage) and the lateral file and the stuff. Most of the contents of the ginormous corner desk got dumped into boxes which now sit in the middle of the floor. You’d be surprised at how many boxes.

Where the hell do people put stuff?

I’ve got half a box of CDs that were scattered around. … Read More »

Just another Manic Monday

I’m panting and ready for a nap already and it’s barely 9:00. I hate Mondays. And today got switched up because the kindergarten is going apple picking and instead of making two trips, they take morning and afternoon all at the same time. (Brave, brave teachers.) So the short kid goes from 8:30-11:20 instead of 12:40-3:15. *makes crazy googly eyes*

Saturday we went to Maine and the kids and I visited with my sister and nephews while my husband went … Read More »

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