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Short kid got tagged…

by Brianna. Awwwwww. :) So without further ado…the short kid. (All answers are his own. I’m just typing. Unless he’s giving away horrible family secrets or something *g*)

3 Things that scare me: the dark, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, that mom won’t bring me to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2

3 People that make me laugh: Mark, Megan and Emory

3 Things that I love: Mom, Dad, and Braedon

3 Things that I hate: taking a bath, being hot, Mom taking a long time to get home

3 Things that I don’t understand: why Fillmore’s a hippy, why Sarge hates him, and why Lightning McQueen doesn’t have headlights

3 Things on my floor: A carpet, kitty dish, and a box of Coke

3 Things I am doing right now: trying to get back to playing Playstation, waiting for Mom to stop the questions, and really trying to get back to playing Playstation

3 Things I can do: Play Playstation, read books, and swim

3 Things I can’t do: can’t go underwater, can’t change batteries, can’t drive the Mustang

3 Ways to describe my personality: funny, smart, dorky

3 Things I think you should listen to: Mom, Dad, and Grammy

3 Things that I think you should never listen to: my big brother when he’s trying to get me in trouble, strangers, scary movies

3 Absolute favorite foods: bologna, tomatoes, subs

3 Things I liked to learn: how to swim, how to read, how to drink

3 Beverages I drink regularly: Gatorade, Sprite, and chocolate milk

3 Shows I watch: Thomas and Friends, That 70’s Show, Frasier

-3- 1 kid I tag: Goose

One comment to “Short kid got tagged…”

  1. Karen Templeton
      · July 29th, 2006 at 7:52 pm · Link

    That is soooo cute. :nod:

    But. . .Frasier??? :shock:

    Oh. It’s all about Eddie, isn’t it? :roll:

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