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Post and run

Somehow, with the husband not around today, I thought I’d be writing. But now, seeing as how I’m taking the kids to see Cars this morning, and then we’ll be going to my aunt’s because a family member is being redeployed (*chantsnotdoingpoliticsnotdoingpolitics*), I don’t see how. Writing? We don need no steeeenkin writing.

Yahoo hates me and won’t let me sign in to Messenger.

72 Hours is up to #7 on the list! :woot: Thank you to everybody who’s bought it!

And WordPress users, did i see somebody mention a while back a plugin that would list the places I’ve commented in my sidebar?

3 comments to “Post and run”

  1. Charli
      · July 1st, 2006 at 11:15 am · Link

    Have fun at Cars! I’m here doing the caffeinated ms. bowling. :type:

  2. PBW
      · July 1st, 2006 at 1:27 pm · Link

    My daughter loved Cars. I slept through it, but you can’t put me in a dark room and expect me to stay awake unless there’s something more interesting to do than listen to the lady in front of me arguing with her husband on her cell phone while her kids pelt each other with Skittles. And my daughter won’t let ME pelt anyone with Skittles.

  3. Mel
      · July 1st, 2006 at 3:33 pm · Link

    We took our teenage daughter to see it last weekend. Or was that two weekends ago. We’re car/race lovers anyway, and didn’t have annoying people near us, so we all enjoyed it. (enough to proclaim we will own the dvd)

    Have fun Shan. Maybe you’ll find time to write after all!

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