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Cars…a mini-review

$55.00 later, the three kids and I have seen Cars. (My little sister usually joins us on family jaunts—the tall kid finds things more enjoyable with his best buddy along.) We don’t have a “regular” movie theatre, only a cinema pub thing—you know, the long table with unwieldy, heavy, and very tall Lincoln seats where you buy your children $6 hot dogs which they then eat in the dark so you only know there’s ketchup smeared from here to kingdom come after the lights go up. It’s also very hard to discreetly throw candy at people.

Anyway…Cars—Best. Movie. Ever.

Seriously. It makes Days of Thunder look like somebody made a movie with a video camera and Matchbox cars. Yes, it’s animated, but it totally rocked. It has humor for every age group. And it wasn’t the hidden adult humor that makes you laugh but also cringe hoping your child doesn’t get it (*coughShrekcough*). I think the most “adult” bit was when McQueen says “He won three Piston Cups” and Mater spits his drink and says “He did what in his cup?” Totally family friendly. Edge of the seat racing action, romance, comedy. It’s all there. And it’s chocked full of “in” jokes. When Darrel ‘Cartrip’ yelled “Boogedy boogedy boogedy” I almost fell out of my chair laughing. And while Lightning McQueen experiences some wonderful personal growth, there’s no message beating us over the head like with most animated movies.

I think when it comes out on DVD we’re going to play hooky. :grin:

Of course now I think I’ve blown up my cable. :lmao: The boys wanted to bring the PS2 downstairs to play on the big screen. Well, between the cable DVR box, the Pioneer receiver, the VCR and the DVD player, there are several hundred wires back there in the land of the dustbunnies. I kept unplugging groups of red/white/yellow wires and plugging in the PS2. We finally got it to come up, but we lost the cable feed. Oops. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt delicate electronics to be unplugged all willy-nilly.

They played for about three minutes.

Now they’re building Lego Piston Cup cars.

One comment to “Cars…a mini-review”

  1. Lori
      · July 1st, 2006 at 6:59 pm · Link

    :crazy: I took ten 12 year old boys to see this movie – we had a blast! I agree – it was a fun movie.

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