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Short kid got tagged…

by Brianna. Awwwwww. :) So without further ado…the short kid. (All answers are his own. I’m just typing. Unless he’s giving away horrible family secrets or something *g*)

3 Things that scare me: the dark, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, that mom won’t bring me to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2

3 People that make me laugh: Mark, Megan and Emory

3 Things that I love: Mom, Dad, and Braedon

3 Things that I hate: taking a bath, being … Read More »

I need a nap

Both kids have been a bit under the weather since we returned from camping. Not enough to knock them out, but upset tummies in the middle of the night. I’m okay if I stay awake, but waking-sleeping-waking-sleeping kills me. It makes them whiny and me cranky—a lovely combination.

I’m wrapping up Kiss Me Deadly, the book formerly known as Werebird. Never, ever again will I write a book with no setting change. Even I had cabin fever and I’m … Read More »

A Week of Bad Boys, Good Spies, Unforgettable Lovers

Welcome SG-5 fans!

The objective: Retrieval of 3 copies of THE SAMMS AGENDA as transcribed by Alison Kent (Click on that link if you’re lost *g*)

Your mission, should you choose to accept:

Terrorists have taken control of a northern New Hampshire campground, using the extensive network of ATV trails to transport toxic chemicals out of Canada by way of 4-wheelers. You must choose the best operative to infiltrate and disband the terrorist group while causing minimum casualties among civilian … Read More »

Gone campin'

Don’t even have time to find my tent graphic.

See ya Monday!… Read More »

That which we call a rose…

I learned a valuable lesson during the writing of Werebird: Don’t decide on a title when you’re busy and distracted and in a totally “whatever” mood.

Fortunately, the title merry-go-round has come to a stop, and I’m a happy camper. This novella was submitted as The Unkind. I like the title and it grew naturally from the story. But…after much reflection and discussion, I thought perhaps it wasn’t a very pleasant title and one which may not appeal to … Read More »

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