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An etiquette question…

So I’ve been weeding through my bookshelves. Weeding is too mild a word, actually—taking a turbocharged weedwhacker to them is more like it.

One thing I discovered is that I have duplicates of some of my favorite books because I later got signed copies and there is no way in hell they’re going to the dump. I’d love to have a “package” giveaway—like a print copy of Forever Again along with a half-dozen of my favorite books.

But I don’t … Read More »

Method again

In a chat tonight (last night? It’s 1:30 in the morning) the method of “movie in the head” came up.

Now, while it may not seem to jive all that well with my little XXs (yesterday’s entry), I see my books as movies in my head. The reason I write out of order is that the cranial DVR player skips around. But—usually when I’m supposed to be sleeping—I can envision a scene as clearly as if it were on the … Read More »

If it ain't broke…

If I’ve learned one thing during the last couple of books I’ve written, it’s to stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. One thing I wanted to change about my process was writing snippets of scenes out of order. I wanted to start with chapter one and write straight through to the end. Well…nope. Can’t do it. Ain’t never gonna be able to do it. I’ve now stopped trying.

So here’s an example of what a very early page from … Read More »

And it's…outta here

Sparky is finished and submitted! :woot:

(Umm, no, that’s not its real title, but it’ll always be Sparky to me.)

I’ve gotta say, even if it’s passed on, it feels so good to have finished it!


Next!… Read More »

Things that make you say hmmmm…

There’s been a whole lot of stuff making me scratch my head and think :wtf: on the net lately.

Flame wars, reactive sugar overdoses, publishing decisions that make one wonder who exactly is off what rocker. Maybe it’s the heat, but I’m taking this as a sign I need to put my head down and write until a whole lot of people get over themselves.

I’m polishing the erotic, futuristic novella I’d been working on before it got shunted aside … Read More »

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