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I haven’t done this in a while, but I just turned in a book and I’m not exactly sure what I’m working on next, so it’s a good day to screw off. So, ignoring the more sane and normal searches, here are a few of the search phrases that brought visitors to

the city of lost children and cyberpunk — It horrifies me that reading that search phrase triggered a story idea. Hopefully I won’t remember it by the time I’m done with this entry.

that could get really annoying — I thought this was an interesting thing to plug into a search engine. What on earth was she looking for?

spring break screwing — It’s like regular screwing except you’re a little more drunk, a lot more sunburned, and the guy keeps calling you Lisa.

shannon stacey myspace — I deleted mine.

can i adjust myself — Only if you’re a ballplayer at the plate with the camera zoomed in on close-up. I swear, when it’s really hot, I wonder if perhaps they should slap a rating on the game.

wods of sympathy — Like…I’m so sowwy fow youw woss?

how to spell laffing — Not like that.

how to get bengay out of carpet — If he’s sore enough to need BenGay, you might want to stick to the bed next time.

when do tarantulas usually come out in oklahoma? — Not until you’ve dropped your pants and squatted over the log.

booze crusie up the shannon — WTF? After about five minutes of staring, trying to decipher this, I’ve come up with “booze cruise up the (River) Shannon”. I hope.

mother cog railway washington wooden box — While Mt. Washington’s Cog Railway is absolutely amazing, they discourage you from bringing your mother up in a wooden box.

One comment to “Search phrases”

  1. Charlene
      · May 8th, 2006 at 8:16 am · Link

    That last one should come with a spew alert! :rofl: Such creative search phrases.

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