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Learning Curve

So y’all may remember my getting excited about a manuscript I judged for the GH last year. Or not *g*, so here’s a recap:

Am I the only one dying for the Golden Heart announcements? I didn’t enter (like I’m going to shell out $50 for some person who may or may not be qualified to give me a number?), but I judged LC, and there was one entry in there–one of two without a name on it–that had better final. I’ll lose what little faith I have left in the contest if it doesn’t. It was incredibly good, and I’m dying to know who wrote it. Ooooh, maybe now that the scoresheet’s gone and I can’t be influenced, I should doing some googling. Maybe said writer has an excerpt or current works thing on her site. (3/8/05)


Terry McLaughlin, LEARNING CURVE

That’s the one! I LOVED THIS ENTRY! She’d better sell this book, and fast, because I want to read the rest. (3/25/05)

It has arrived! (Okay, Amazon says May 9, but it’s damn close.) I’ll be snapping it right up, because it was fresh and original and all those things readers (and apparently editors) want. When I judged it, I admired it’s originality, and I’m so thrilled I’m going to get to read the rest!

High school history teacher Joe Wisniewski may be in a rut, but he dug it himself and he’s not planning on getting out anytime soon. The last thing he wants is to mentor a starry-eyed newcomer, so when he gets an unexpected assignment — Emily Sullivan, a student teacher with a steamroller smile and dynamite legs — he digs in deeper and ducks for cover.

Emily has looked up to the legendary “Wiz” for a long time. In her opinion, the man is coasting these days, and she’s sure a little change in his routine is exactly what he needs. Besides this assignment is her chance to prove to her family — and herself — that she can stick to one project.

The question is: Will Emily get Joe fired up or just plain fired?

2 comments to “Learning Curve”

  1. Pam
      · May 9th, 2006 at 9:08 am · Link

    Shannon, Terry is the Noodle of the Month at Check it out.

  2. Colleen Gleason
      · May 9th, 2006 at 9:56 am · Link

    Oh, you are sooo right! I read this book over the weekend (in between my son’s 8th birthday and his First Communion and the ensuing parties) because I couldn’t put it down!

    I loved it! I am such a sucker for teacher stories…and this one was funny and sexy and believable. I loved it!

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