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So what's with…

…review blogs that get you hooked, then more or less stop reviewing books in favor of other amusements?

…this Gossip Girls book I decided to read as a foray into the modern YA and the fact that the high school seniors keep going into bars and getting served drinks? (And my involuntarily arched eyebrow only reinforces that yes, I am a 33-year-old mother of two now.)

72 Hours releasing on June 20th and my not having an excerpt up … Read More »

We're back!

We got in almost 60 miles of riding. That may not sound like much until you consider this was the tall kid’s first time out on the trails with his 90, and our average speed was seven. miles. per. hour. And OMG, the bug bites! But we had a blast. Here are 3 of my favorite pics from the weekend (from my digital—the husband got some great shots of the tall kid in the mud on a disposable we haven’t … Read More »

Until Monday

We’re heading out right after school, but I’m so behind in my gear-gathering, I’m checking out early. I’ll be spending the better part of tomorrow looking for my copy of the “Bump in the Night” anthology with the new In Death novella. I hid it specifically to save for this camping trip—a kick-ass story for curling up with, but not so long as to keep me from writing. Well, apparently I hid it too well. Dammit.

I cannot even fathom … Read More »

The dotted line

I signed a contract today for a novella with Samhain. It’s a…hmm…erotic dark paranormal, I guess you could call it? I’m really excited about this story, and I’ll get details on it up eventually. :woot:

So…to recap my contracted works:

1. An erotic romantic comedy

2. An emotional, traditional romance

3. An action/adventure romance

4. An erotic dark paranormal romance

5. An erotic fantasy

That whole branding thing? It must have zoooomed right by me. I’ve also got a couple … Read More »

10 Very, Very Random Things About Writing Romance

Many writers post writing articles on their websites. Romance writing how-to and such. But anybody who’s been even a semi-regular visitor here knows that comprehensive non-fiction articles and persuasive arguments aren’t my strong suit. So instead I’ll just randomly offer thoughts on the writing of romance. Very random. Your mileage may vary.

(1) Once the hero says “I love you”, the story is over. Wrap it up.

(1a) If the hero does not say “I love you”, but instead flies … Read More »

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