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The cup runneth empty

Well, crap. The brain cell in charge of blogging is apparently still sleeping, because I’ve got nothing today.

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s post and how I managed to “internalize” rewrite Mel’s opening in my comments and what Mel said in response and about Jodi Picoult’s books, but those thoughts haven’t yet fermented into an even reasonably coherent post, so stay tuned…… Read More »


This is from a comment left on HelenKay’s blog in response to…well, you know what. I don’t want people landing here via Google because I could really give a damn about whether the rabid people think the wunderkind’s a good person or not.

…it’s unfair to say that she “plaigarized” when she’s merely internalized the lines until they became her own.

WTF is that supposed to mean? Let me go chant Christine Feehan’s new book to myself over and over … Read More »

Believe the Magic!

Mel has a new release today! Believe the Magic is now available from Samhain Publishing! :woot:

Magic, humor, heat…what more could you want!

When the strange antique dealer bestows Ella Mansfield with a weird necklace, proclaiming it magic, Ella refuses to believe. Why would she have a use for such a thing?

But she finds herself the target of some pretty odd characters, including the sexy but enigmatic Quentin, who becomes her guardian, her guide and her lover. Gradually

Read More »
Conversation with Grace…

…from 72 Hours:

Grace: Hey! Put that line back. It’s one of my favorites.

Shan: You don’t need lines just to prove how witty you are.

Grace: So I should be unwitty…oh, you read that damn review again, didn’t you?

Shan: *shrugs*

Grace: You know better than that, you dumbass. You read it, take what’s of value from it, then let it go.

Shan: I try. But it’s like if somebody calls your kid ugly. You can say, “Screw … Read More »

Spring break time

No, not the wicked fun in the sun on the beach kind. But the “let’s give the kids a week off because it’s starting to get warm and the teachers can’t cope with the energy level right now” kind.

Of course it’s cold and raining right now.

School vacations are a double-edged sword for me. On the one hand, not trucking to school every morning lets me swing back into my natural working pattern—I get a lot done when I … Read More »

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