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4 stars from Romantic Times…

…for Twice Upon A Roadtrip!!! (I’ve been dying waiting for the April issue and the sound of the mailtruck was enough to drag me out of my coccoon of blankets on the couch.)

Jill and Ethan’s story is a hoot! Their chemistry is hot, and Stacey’s comedic timing is wonderful in this fast-paced read that delivers on all counts. — Kristi Ahlers, Romantic Times BOOKclub

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Falling apart

Well, the kids—in their ongoing quest to drive me insane—shared their germs with me. I also seem to be having some sort of reaction to a new body oil and my skin is trying to move to Wisconsin. And I managed to drop a sheet of sheetrock on my left middle fingernail and now even the tap of the D key makes me whimper.

Let’s just say I hear the lambs and the sun better come out tomorrow.… Read More »

Cheating today

The tall kid came home early from school yesterday sick, and we passed a rough night, so I’m cheating today. Nipped from Angie’s blog:

Current Clothing: Jeans, a lime green hoodie, and my new Nike sneakers (after being a Reebok girl for years) with the lime green trim.

Current Hair: I don’t know, but I’m betting it ain’t good. Imagine Dorothy Hamill in 1976 if she spent a few hours rubbing her head with balloons.

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More Ramen noodles please

So there’s an article on about how e-books are finally ready to the wave of the future—again—and all that jazz. While that’s exciting news—again—this jumped out at me:

Sony is the first major player to take advantage of the technology. This spring, it will debut the Sony Reader, which uses E Ink and closely mimics the size, weight, and feel of a book. The Reader will sell for about $400. Sony also will offer roughly 10,000 book titles for

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Good news!

Larissa sold!!! What awesome news to start the day!

And…a new review for Forever Again:

Reviewed by Autiotalo from Enchanted Ramblings:

5.5 Wands!!!

This is one of those books that grabs you right from the very first page. The characterisation and detail are exquisite, as if we were truly peering into the lives of Gena, Travis and Mia. With considerable charm, Ms Stacey brings out the awkwardness of the long-separated couple thrown together by chance, and with real

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