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Seriousness from Casa Shannon

I learned something last night that upset me. A lot. But I’m trying to be a good girl, so I slept on it. I’m still pissed. And not only am I still pissed, but I’m not a morning person, either, so now I’m cranky on top of it. I’m not going to do any recapping, linking, and naming. The episode happened a long time ago and it’s not my intention to vomit it all up again here. But I’m not going to have any peace until I get this out.

Some time ago I was involved in a disagreement of opinions here on my blog with two writers for whom I had and still have a great deal of respect. It was an interesting discussion, but it did get a little ugly toward the end. I’ll confess to being a little taken aback at the time by how it got out of hand so badly.

What I didn’t know then, but do know now is that the two writers were subjected to some hateful and ugly private emails. Now if they were simply emails by people who wanted to share their opinion but were reluctant to post publicly in my comments, I highly doubt that they would be classified as “people at their worst”, which means they were hateful and ugly emails sent to “defend” me or on my behalf.

Even as a writer, I don’t have the words to describe how upset I am by this. It’s taken me damn near an hour to get this far because I keep having to walk away from the computer.

When I run my mouth, I will back it up or I will back down. To know that while I thought I was engaged in a public discussion (albeit losing), people were essentially kneecapping the other writers below the table level embarrasses me, shames me and pisses me off.

To the writers who were the victims of this juvenile kneecapping, you have my sincerest apologies.

To those who sent the emails…I wasn’t given names and I didn’t ask. It was a long time ago. But if a discussion is going on and you believe in something enough to say it, then take your turn at the microphone. Don’t go under the table and break kneecaps.

To those who have no idea what I’m talking about, we will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

8 comments to “Seriousness from Casa Shannon”

  1. Charlene
      · January 14th, 2006 at 12:47 pm · Link

    Errr…:wtf: I missed something. But it sounds like a good thing to have behind you. Hope your hackeysack’s dry and your coffee cup isn’t.

  2. Ann Wesley Hardin
      · January 14th, 2006 at 12:18 pm · Link

    If it’s what I think it is, then I was involved in the discussion too. In fact, my whining started the whole thing.

    Just in case it is this Internet debacle, I mean episode, I also want to apologize to the other two writers. I learned a powerful lesson about the WWW and the intimacy of the writerly community. And at least from my end, nothing like that will ever get started again.

  3. Kate R
      · January 14th, 2006 at 2:01 pm · Link

    nah, not your fault.

    I mean that’s how it coming across to me: You’re so upset and I think because you sort of feel responsible for other people doing the flame thing. I wasn’t involved so I can’t really say fuggedaboutit.

    Oh, wait, I’m a mom and I always involve myself and offer opinions without being asked.

    so here’s mom saying, now, now dear. flames are nasty but you can’t control what comes out of other people’s fingers.

  4. Kate R
      · January 14th, 2006 at 2:04 pm · Link

    :write:you need some distraction, Shan. :woot:
    Come read about good name/wanking links in my blog instead. :shock::shock:
    here are just a few from one link’s “A”column:crazy:

    Adjusting the antenna
    Adjusting your set
    Answering the Bone-A-Phone
    Applying the hand brake
    Arguing with Henry Longfellow
    Arm-wrestling the purple-headed stormtrooper

    :wtf:anything to get those visitor numbers up, huh?

  5. Alison Kent
      · January 14th, 2006 at 5:36 pm · Link

    Brava, Shannon. Brava! (And just wanted to let you know that you can find me parked in front of NBC every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. for SURFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. FerfeLaBat
      · January 14th, 2006 at 9:52 pm · Link

    WTH did I miss? Yet again.


  7. Shannon
      · January 15th, 2006 at 12:39 am · Link

    Past history now.

    And we still watch every episode of Surface, too, even though I’m very disappointed that it never lived up to it’s potential. It’s so…blah.

  8. Anna Lucia
      · January 15th, 2006 at 8:26 am · Link

    Not your fault, sweetheart. Which you know, but it can’t hurt saying again.

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