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A year gone by…

Angie was rummaging through her archives and spotted something in an old post that reminded her to remind me that today is the first anniversary of my getting The Email.

The post from1/31/05:

While pondering the discussion about bland blogs on Alison’s blog, I went through my email accounts and found…

THE Email. From Ellora’s Cave. The Doubt Monkeys are still standing around scratching their heads, wondering how THAT happened. *g*

I guess I’m going to have get my

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5 Angels!

Anita from Fallen Angel Reviews gave Forever Again 5 angels! :woot:

Forever Again is a very emotionally driven love story. I was surprised at the depth of all the characters involved. Each character had their flaws and faults. It was refreshing that Gena is not made out to be a saint and Travis the “bad” guy. I enjoyed how the romance once again bloomed between Gena and Travis in a slow, realistic pace. Both characters are portrayed in various ways

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I'm awake now!

Usually I pour myself a really big mug of coffee and fire up the computer to read some blogs. Granted, it’s not my sharpest time of the day. But I almost had a heart attack when I started reading this blog post at Writeminded.

Then I read it again. :lmao:

:woot: Good way to start the day!

Red Sox tickets go on sale in 29 minutes.

The short kid’s been invited to a birthday party this afternoon.

And it’s … Read More »

And a 3rd moment

I just realized that the villains in both of my books having villains are named Miguel.


I don’t think I’ve ever known a Miguel personally, but it does make me wonder about those past lives of mine. :lmao:… Read More »

Two moments today…

The funny one (synopsis for the Big Book):

The absolute hardest part of writing a synopsis for me is the “wrap-up” paragraph—the one that says all is resolved, they’re madly in love and watch the horse’s tail swish as they ride off into the sunset.

So in order for me to move past that point and start polishing it—leaving that last paragraph for later in case something inspiring comes to me—I just throw an end sentence in there. Well, some … Read More »

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