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Happy New Year!

This time last year my husband was on an emergency heat call at a Chinese restaurant in Vermont. I’d been reading a few blogs and, left to my own devices while the rest of the world partied, I set up my own blog. I did a test post on Dec 31, but my first “official” blog entry ever was on Jan 1.

A lot of great stuff happened in 2005, not the least of which was Twice Upon A RoadtripRead More »

The joys of packratting

I have a 4-5″ thick stack of printouts from back when I was tinkering with my blog—the blogger templates and the switch to WordPress and all that jazz that came before I got smart and threw myself at the mercy of DreamForge Media.

Well, about three inches down, scribbled in tiny letters was not only the password to my blog, but the passwords to my hosting service. Yay! I’m no longer a prisoner of my desktop!

I’m amazed by … Read More »

Advance review for Forever Again!

Dee from Joyfully Reviewed says:

Forever Again had some sexual tension that warred with the bitter tension between Gena and Travis, leaving me strung tight as a bowstring. This story had me in its grip to the point where I had to stop reading and come back to it so that I could be objective and diplomatic; I took this story so personally. In my opinion Shannon Stacey knocked it out of the park with Forever Again! When a story

Read More »
Is it time to go to school yet?

Monday can’t come fast enough here. (Yes, our kids are going back on the Federal holiday. Bizarre.) Usually I get a lot done during school vacations because the kids occupy each other and the short kid has somebody to talk to besides me. Not this year. Not getting along doesn’t even begin to cover it. Add in two day’s worth of neck-strain headache because I haven’t perfected the art of “laptop posture” yet, and blah blah blah.

I did manage … Read More »

Readerly devastation

So I took three insane children bearing gift cards to Walmart, and while I came home with many fewer marbles, I did get two books: Alison’s Goes Down Easy and Awaken to Danger by Catherine Mann.

You can’t even imagine my devastation when I opened Awaken to Danger and realized I’d MISSED one! Apparently a Wingman was released in The Captive’s Return in October and I totally missed him!


Catherine Mann’s been an autobuy for me since her first book, … Read More »

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