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October Search Phrases

According to the statistics, my blog world just gets curiouser and curiouser…

masturebation — We knew this would come up

swiffer masturbate — I’m at a loss here. Are we talking original Swiffer? Swiffer WetJet?

my masturebation — Does this mean you finally figured out how?

scamps fantasy wear — suspenders?

what is male masturebation — I guess not

naughty things to say to your enemies — Oh where to start…

how to say where is the bathroom in spanishRead More »

Happy Halloween!

Some short, evil Damien wanna-be has let it be known to my children that drawing faces on the pumpkins with black Sharpie is not, in fact, all there is to making a Jack O’Lantern. So now I’m up to my elbows in nasty, stringy orange goop.

But it’s Daddy’s turn to trick or treat this year, so I’m going to kick back on the porch later and re-read one of my favorite spooky books: Hot Rod Heaven by Melani Blazer. … Read More »

The family introvert?

My sister called me the other day to congratulate me on Twice Upon A Roadtrip‘s reviews. Yes, I have discovered that my sister has become a regular reader of my blog.

Hi, Shan’s sister! :kiss:

No, she doesn’t comment. She calls me. Which is cool, but she can’t use the :wtf: or :penguin: smilies on the phone. :neener:

So, anyway. During the course of the conversation she said something along the lines of “I feel like I know … Read More »

Feeling the burn

Yesterday was kind of a sad day for me. We had a beautiful, tall and lush lilac tree at the corner of our house. It has survived an estimated 100 or so New England winters. It did not, however, survive the Stacey family’s need for more driveway space.

You can’t really see much in this picture, but we’re in a time crunch now. The white Jeep is my neighbor’s, but you can see my Mustang in what is essentially a … Read More »

I thought this day would never come

I had nearly given up hope, but I have finally won an elusive, much-coveted Smart Bitches title! :woot: I’ve been officially dubbed, so from this day forth I shall be:


So let my teenage adoration of Danielle Steel be known from sea to shining sea, as I correctly guessed the heroine was Zoya Ossipov of said author’s Zoya.… Read More »

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